Colman is a member of the I.C.P. (Irish Counselling of Psychotherapists) and I.F.C.A.P.P. (Irish Forum of Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapists).

Colman is the Chair of the Forum for Irish Nurses in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Colman is a regular media contributor and has appeared many times on radio, television and newspapers discussing issues of Young People’s Mental Health. Colman has often featured on the Parenting Slot on the Moncrieff Show on Newstalk, in addition to ‘The Right Hook’, ‘The Last Word’ and ‘Talking Point’. Colman also featured on the Today Show on RTE and was a major contributor to the RTE documentary ‘We need to talk about porn’. Colman also facilitates many information evenings in both primary, secondary schools and public lectures. Colman is the best selling author of the book ‘Cop On, what it is and why your child needs it to thrive and survive in today’s world’. This is a societal observation into the impact of technology on Irish family life and is filled with tips and observations as to how parents can manage this dynamic in our homes. This critically acclaimed book is available in all good book shops and on Amazon.