The 4 -7 Zone

Mental Health Checklist

As there are no definitive tests for our mental wellbeing like an X-Ray, Blood Test or MRI, we can often struggle to know whether what we are experiencing is ‘normal’ or not.

I have designed this Mental Health Checklist which is part of my new book called ‘The 4 – 7 Zone’ which allows you to see of you may be doing too much or too little of something and whether this is a sign of a problem or a sign post that you might be at risk of developing a problem.

By following the link below you can access the Mental Health Checklist and mark between 1 and 10 how much or how little time you spend on each criteria. The goal should be to score between 4 -7 but if you find yourself in the 1-3 or 8-10 danger zones, you can do something to address it.

The 4 – 7 Zone