Individual Psychotherapy:
Colman has extensive clinical experience of working with young people with eating disorders and is a proven expert in this area.

He also specialises in anxiety problems, obsessional symptoms and attachment / separation issues. Colman also has a special interest in technology and its role in cyber-bullying, sexualisation and compulsive behaviours.

Private Therapeutic Consultation
The aim of the first consultation is to establish whether the child or young person could benefit from a psychotherapeutic intervention to begin to understand the factors inhibiting their functioning.

What then?
Once you attended for the therapeutic assessment you can decide if any of these approaches might be helpful. At your first appointment you will have chance to meet and discuss your concerns face to face. In some incidences one session may be enough to share information and some strategies may be suggested at this point. If more intervention is indicated then further appointments will be offered at this time.

Brief Psychotherapy
This usually lasts for less than one year and can involve 4-5 sessions. It can take the form of

Parent/Infant or Parent/Young Child Work
Thinking and talking with a child psychotherapist can throw light on difficulties which previously may have seemed confusing and can help parents recognise their own capacity to manage confusing situations. During these consultations the child may or may not be present.

Young Peoples Counselling
Four sessions is often enough in itself as the young person can achieve a lot with a little assistance. These sessions can help the young person gain perspective of difficult developmental processes and challenging experiences. Sometimes further sessions can be offered or other areas of help identified.

Longer Term Psychotherapy
Long term psychotherapy can enable the child or adolescent to explore and understand their conflicts and to better manage their everyday life. Sessions may take place regularly. Because everyone is an individual and as therapy is a process which develops over time, the length of treatment will vary. Therapy may last from 3 sessions to several months.